How it works

Not quite sure how Turnr can help you make the most out of your returns process? Let’s iron out the wrinkles!

First things first

We’ll start with the basics. Turnr is a digital returns platform for fashion brands, including simplified and more efficient handling of a number of tasks related to reverse logistics. Beyond just cutting costs, Turnr empowers brands to activate new revenue streams, boost shopper loyalty and enable circular shopping. Here’s how it works.


From returns to returning shoppers

Fun fact: people mostly return clothes because of wrong size. And mostly, they can’t be bothered to make a return and then place a new order for another size. So returns end in refunds, and both stores and customers lose out. With Turnr, shoppers can make exchanges in seconds, easy as 1-2-3. And boy, do they! About 30% of the returns that pass through our pipes are converted to exchanges, meaning happier shoppers and stores.


Door-to-door delight

We know that very nice sweater we bought last week at the store downtown quite likely was tried by someone else before us, right? That’s the simple insight underlying our unique C2C product: we redirect returns directly to new shoppers instead of sending them on costly, time-consuming and unsustainable transports that might end up in a landfill somewhere far, far away. The setup is inspired by the model established by C2C secondhand marketplaces, guided by the golden rule: box it like you’d wanna unbox it!

With C2C returns, everybody wins: the store resells the item within days, shoppers get a green discount and some added karma points, and the planet is spared tons of completely avoidable emissions. In fact, stores that offer them can reduce up to three quarters of their returns-related emissions.

By enabling C2C returns, forward-facing fashion brands can strengthen brand loyalty by inviting and encouraging consumers to reduce the impact of their purchases and be a part of the circular shopping of tomorrow.


Finding new paths to profit

Returns are often seen as the necessary evil of ecommerce. Refunds plus costly reverse logistics make them a serious threat to the seller’s bottom line, but regulations and market dynamics make them a must-have. If only there was a way to loosen the belt on this pesky dilemma! We hear you. That’s why we offer store credit refunds: returners are given the option to get store credit instead of money back, at a higher value than the original item cost. A reverse discount, if you will! And a big win-win: stores get to keep the money and get a second chance to impress, and shoppers get a bonus for staying loyal and coming back.


Connecting the pieces

Using relevant data is crucial to solving the returns equation. Turnr collects rich data on return reasons, product performance and customer behavior. That data is then shaped into insights that can inform everything from product development to shopper recommendations. With the right data, we can both make the most out of the returns that do happen as well as avoid the ones that shouldn’t.


Across the border and back

We know: international shipping can be a drag, and international returns are really the headache to rule them all. The process of getting different customs documents in order is... meh. That’s why we offer automated customs invoices/pro forma and clearance with selected shipping partners.


Using Turnr

Turnr is a white label, modular, plug and play platform. That’s a fancy way of saying that it can easily be made to look and feel like part of your brand’s native environment; that features can be picked and mixed to fit your needs; and that integration is really, really fast for most standard ecommerce platforms out there.

The platform has two interfaces: shopper-facing and store-facing.

The shopper-facing returns portal is where shoppers make returns, exchanges and all of the good stuff listed above.

This interface is hosted by Turnr, but located on the brand website and store branded to offer shoppers a consistent and smooth user experience.

The store-facing interface, or Turnr Backoffice, is where the real magic happens. Here, stores can oversee the full returns loop, handle refunds and claims and gather product and shopper insights. And so much more! The features included are designed to support customer service, warehousing, marketing and ecom staff.

Pay as you grow

Our platform is free, with no fixed costs. That means no startup fees, no integration fees and no monthly fees. Returns and complaints are free. Oh, and insights too. You only ever pay for activities that directly strengthen your bottom line: exchanges, C2C returns and store credits are our three paid features - everything else is on us. Want to know how Turnr could help you grow?

about us

Hi, we’re Turnr

We’re here to change fashion ecommerce. We come from diverse backgrounds but share a common desire to fix the broken returns system. We want to redesign reverse logistics by applying circular thinking and outside-of-the-box perspectives to an unsustainable and dated process. Want to join us or talk returns? Shoot us an email!

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